Wildeman is een old beer from Maasland, traditionally brewed with parts dark malt and spelled malt. The beer obtains its fine, wine-like aroma by adding approx. 8% in oak barrels matured Lambiek, as was traditional for the old stock beers. This dark beer is brewed for Bokrijk based on century-old taste-determining traditions according to a recipe from brewer Frank Boon. Starting April 2019, you can discover all you ever wanted to know about traditional beer brewing in the museum brewery ’t Paenhuys. Wildeman beer plays a prominent role in our menu and is delicious with our beef stew.

Discover the honey from the ‘Bokrijk bees’ from the Open Air Museum. The museum has no less than 8 beehives with 240.000 bees and 20 landscaped flower meadows. The museum tells the story from bee to honey and at scheduled times, the beekeeper will take you to have a close view at the beehives, as well as during the extraction of the honey.

Bistro Koetshuis serves sourdough bread which has been baked in a wood oven in Bokrijk. Crusty on the outside and soft inside, with a complex structure, full of taste: that’s the bread of Bokrijk. Here, they use organic and locally grown grain that has been ground to flour on a stone mill, only adding salt, water and sourdough. 4 simple ingredients that stand for healthy and nutritious bread.

Fresh tea blend, composed by the herbalists from Bokrijk. Each season, we offer a different blend, inspired by the ‘backyard’ of our restaurant. Did you know that you can discover our herb garden together with the herbalist of Bokrijk? Don’t forget to take a look at the calendar of activities and events in Bokrijk.

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